Front end starter and mini-book!

Starting a new project is not always easy, a lot of things need to be set up. VueJs templates help a lot, but it is not always enough. So let's speed things up!

Front-end starter

When a project is started, there's always some modules to add and setup. I've decided to build a starter with some modules I'm always using:

  • Vue-router
  • Vue-localstorage
  • Vue-i18n
  • Axios

All is set up using a vueJs template so you really have a nice app with Webpack.


It's nice to have a starter project but sometimes you don't really know how this works. So I've set up a small book explaining basic things about modules used in the project.

I hope you'll like it! Feel free to contact me, I want to make it better!

Find the Starter + mini-book here!